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    Christoffers kitchen aquaponics project



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    Christoffers kitchen aquaponics project

    Post by Christoffer on 2015-03-02, 11:05

    My plants in the kitchen has not really caught on yet, but they are surviving and the struggle continues to get rid of various pests. I long for the spring when I can catch ladybugs and Spiders to help me out. Also I need compost Worms but I keep forgetting to ask Tara for some! Help me remember guys! Another option would be total remake and getting rid of all the plants.
    In fact I am thinking about getting a bigger aquarium since there is one 500 L for 500 kr in Skellefteå right now! I just got some bigger cooler fish (silver arowana! And others) so I migt need it soon. In that case I would anyways need to build a different growbed...
    The fish I keep right now are hardy by aquarium standards. When I move out my goldfish in the spring to a pond in Bjurholm my tank will actually be an amazon biotope aquarium with spicies and conditions Of the flooded jungle! Smile

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