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    Summary of brainstorming meeting



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    Summary of brainstorming meeting

    Post by Christoffer on 2015-01-29, 12:36

    Well I'll just have to post this here since I cant create new forums. We should have a forum for the group structure, meetings, values and goals and such.

    On the finishing discussion yesterday we came to some great insights! We as a group could benifit from having a clear goal and purpose. This can be "GFW are aiming to provide free, organic and sustainable food for everyone, forever" or something like that Smile The idea whit that will be that we all know what we are working for in this particular group and its projects, it will be a great cause to get crowdfunding for and it can attract many different people. It also solidifies our values that we should all help eachother and even food is open source and such. It will almost be like a secular charity or church Wink

    Based on this goal everything gets mor clear. For example a culture arrangement or festival gets attention to our cause and will be a happy happy party with free food and generous people, music, workshops etc.
    These things can be sorts of campaining events or a concept we take to lets say "kulturnatta", the farmers market or survival kit festival.

    Another important thing is the forum and the webpage. The webpage should be like a information leaflet with links to our forum where the actual deep discussions take place. In the forum we can discuss and teach eachother a lot about every topic such as aquaponics, permaculture, plumbing, construction, music and so forth. The actual stuff we decide to try is put in to a fixed text and/or the google doc as a kind of rapport och perhaps a book about how to make free food för everyone, using our chosen techniqes.

    In this forum, in wich I see great possibilities, it will crystallise whom are more in to the constuction and planning of that part of the project (although we will still need input from every angle), whom are more into the culture part and spreading the word and the feeling for the issue, whom are more into tesing out aquaponics, making posters, connecting to other groups and so forth.
    I think we need some core brains in the planning of the biodome construction say for example but the discussion, links to sources and decision will be "open source" in the forum fore everyone on the internet to search for and read, and reply to. But ofcourse later when it comes to the actual construction i think most of us want to partake and do the heavy work! Just tell us what to do!

    A working forum and webpage, along with clear goals and methods to reach those goals will be crucial in connecting to other groups and at the same time keeping it stabile. Connections can probably be made in various ways, via studiefrämjandet or simply advertising.

    : ) Smile Smile Smile

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