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    Skogsläger / Forest- Camp



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    Skogsläger / Forest- Camp

    Post by AnnSofie on 2015-02-18, 18:16

    If you have the time you can allways come to Ångermanland, Vilseskogen to join in the fantabulous Forest-Camp!
    It started a couple of days back and ends at 1/3 (february 16/2 – 1/3 2015) You can come and go as you like until the 1st of march.
    We will discuss environmental issues, activism, play in the snow and loads of more fun!
    This camp is also open to your own inventions and desires of what you want to do at the camp.
    This it is a great opportunity to meet new people and get insight into diffrent types of lifestyles and the like!
    Check out this link here for more info!!

    Hope to see ya there!!! <3


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    Re: Skogsläger / Forest- Camp

    Post by Alexander on 2015-02-27, 16:45

    cheers GREAT CAMP, GREAT NATURE cheers

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